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Facilities for Senior Citizens on Jeddah Airport on Hajj 2019 Pakistan


The majority of the people are trying to apply for Hajj 2019 Pakistan. There are different private packages introduced by hajj service providers. People join these Hajj groups and these groups have flight schedule for Jeddah Airport. Performing Hajj is no longer uncomfortable and time consuming duty. Progress in the aviation sector has allowed people to approach the area that are not able to access by other means. The development is speedier for the people coming to perform hajj. In the huge crowd of hajj, it becomes difficult for the senior citizens and old people to handle the formalities in the airport lounge. To make visits comfortable, the administration has done several improvements.

Facilities for Hajj 2019 Pakistan Senior Citizens

The airport is famous for its arrival and departure lounges but for the amenities for the passengers. These facilities were not available some years ago but for the Hajj 2019 Pakistan travellers, it becomes easy to handle the formalities in the same Hajj 2019 Pakistan price because they do not need to pay extra for it. The ground staff is cooperative for them and they will be guided in the easy way.

Separate Check-In Counters for seniors

It does not matter where you are coming from, the ground staff will do co-operate you because there are separate check-in counters for them. You do not pay extra for these facilities. It is available in the same Hajj 2019 Pakistan price for all hajjis. It is to keep them secure from the discomfort of standing in the long queue. You will be served first in case of emergency or sudden health problem. Ground staff is cooperative and humble. If you cannot handle all this hassle, you can hire a loader or worker to take your baggage and other travelling issues.

Loader price will be excluded from your Hajj cost from Pakistan. It is good for those who have been suffering from dual diagnosis such as developmental disabilities, problems in physical well-being, emotional health issues and metal problems and others. If you are accompanied with these people or a family then you are provided a helper to handle your immigration formalities excluding Hajj 2019 cost from Pakistan. This assistance makes your arrival and departure of Hajj 2019 from Pakistan simple and comfortable.


Make your Hajj 2019 Pakistan easy and comfortable. You will get plenty of facilities in the Hajj 2019 Pakistan price. It is not easy for you to walk all the time. You can use escalators. It helps in covering distance without walking too much. These escalators make your mobility easy. You can ask for hiring and booking for domestic disabled access because if the inventive arrangement of these seats. The payment of this special service may include in Hajj cost from Pakistan. If you have forgot to book the wheelchair before departure  then do not worry, you can get it on the Jeddah airport after arrival excluding the Hajj 2019 cost from Pakistan. It makes the disabled hajj pilgrims easy to move and comfortable during journey. The hired worker can receive you from the aircraft and escort you to the lounge. In this way, you can perform your Hajj 2019 from Pakistan easily.