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A Guide to Completing the Indian Visa Application Form

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As per the new Indian government regulations, handwritten applications for Indian visa will be no longer accepted. Meanwhile, if somebody wishes to visit India, they have to go through the prolix process of Indian visa application online. All you have to do is fill the form online, print it, and submit to an Indian consulate. While the process of filling a visa application form sounds easy but, people still find it hard to get. Here is a way to help all the visa applicators navigate through the pitfalls, while they apply for Indian Visa.

  1. Getting Started with Application Form

You first have to open the official website of Indian visa application.

  • Choose an Indian Mission

This is the reason why most of the people get rejected. The Indian mission should be the office region you are applying in. If you are staying in Bangkok but working in Chicago, choose the Chicago mission.

  • Surname, Given Name, Town/City of Birth

These details should be exactly as they seem in your passport.

  • Religion

While you fill the application form, the option of religion shouldn’t be left blank or “none”. If necessary choose “others” and then enter whatever you feel like.

  • Educational Qualification

There are multiple options given to select from and, it is necessary to choose your highest qualification from all others.

  • Present and Permanent Address

While entering the address, be sure it is within the range of the Indian mission you have mentioned above.

  • Family Details

Whether your mother, father or spouse are deceased, don’t forget to list their full names along with their dates of birth.

  • Choosing a Profession

In this option, you cannot choose “Unemployed” category and in case you are have applied for a Journal visa, make sure you state Journalist as your profession or else your application would be rejected.

  • Type and Duration

Mentioning the type of visa will take time as the scrutiny is held by the consulate. Do not choose a tourist visa unless you mention tourism in the visited field or the purpose in your visa application form. The duration depends on your visa type.

  1. Trip Details

Mention the expected date of your journey and the day you intend to fly to India. In case you have not booked your flights and are not sure about the date you will be landing in the country just don’t forget that your visa will begin on the date it has been approved. Some people believe that visa is applicable from the day you enter the country, which is not true. Also, mention your port of arrival in India.

  1. Countries Visited in the Last 10 Years

You can list as many as countries you have visited in your last 10 years. If the consulate notice any country to have a stamp in your passport but, you have forgotten to mention it in your application, that would be a reason for your application denial.

  1. References in India

This field cannot be left blank and is a necessary one to write on. You may write the name of your hotel or guesthouse you will be staying in or in case you will be at your home in the country, mention a list of neighbors, friends or colleagues.

While filling the form, make sure you go through every detail and then save the application form. Saving the application won’t allow you to make any changes further. In the end, you will receive an e-mail confirmation along with a visa filing number and an application copy. The total time to process your application will near about a week and not on the more than that the country.