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Must-Have Souvenirs and Best Tips for Shopping in Vietnam


Vietnam, with its variety of local markets or even luxurious shopping sprees, is the new paradise for shopping. Many India travelers just can’t help but throw themselves into shopping while heading to Vietnam for the first time.

Why? It could be the diversity of quality and authentic goods at the tempting prices. Whether you like to travel with a small or big bag, you are probably unable to resist to buy some touchable presents from visited places.

Here are the lists of:

Must-have souvenirs and some tips for shopping in Vietnam


The most popular things to buy in Vietnam properly silk which is made on traditional handlooms. You can find beautiful patterns with different colors and sizes.

Where to buy: Silk can be found anywhere in Vietnam, still the best places to buy are Hoian and Van Phuc silk village. The price is better (around 3 USD per meter and 90 cm wide) with more options and quick service.

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Lacquer Products

Vietnamese artists are famous throughout Asia for creating high-quality lacquerwares at an affordable price. You can find a wide range of lovely- crafted items from dishes, bowls, vases to other furniture in beautiful colors and intricate designs. The price varies from 1 to 3 USD, depending on the types and sizes.

Where to buy: You can find several galleries along Hang Bac Street in Hanoi or An Dong Market in Ho Chi Minh City which sells high-quality lacquerwares depicting the daily life of Vietnamese and mythical creatures

Vietnamese embroidery

This traditional art passed down from ages to ages, and now you can find it in small villages in northern Vietnam.

Where to buy: Sapa could be the best place to learn about this ancient art and of course to buy some exclusively embroidered clothes, bags, scarves and more. Price ranges from $3 to $ 10.

Ao Dai

This traditional outfit is considered the symbol of Vietnamese females. It is so special to get one while visiting Vietnam. If you can’t find a suitable one, just take a tailor-made one. You are recommended to have one done in Hoian which is famous for tailor-made clothes in a short time.

Conical Hat

Also known as leaf hat or non la, the colonial hat is one of the symbols of Vietnam engaged in Vietnamese women. It could be a unique gift as anyone wearing the hat looks more charming, beautiful and special.

Where to buy: You can easily find it at any local markets which just costs only a dollar.

Art Paintings

Oil and lacquer paintings are among the popular sought-after souvenirs in Vietnam. You can easily get one which just costs a third or a half of what you are going to pay for the same- quality item in other countries.

Where to buy: Local galleries in big cities often shows intricate paintings for sale.

Some Tips For Best Shopping Experience in Vietnam (for Indian Travelers)

  • Homemade Vietnamese goods are often cheaper than the imported ones, so make sure you’re looking for authentic items
  • Do not forget to bargain if you don’t want to get pricey goods.
  • Bargains are often impossible in malls and shopping centers
  • Consult your guide before buying something. He properly gives you the great options
  • The best time to buy is first thing in the morning or in the late evening
  • In general, shopping in the south is cheaper than in the north and in the countryside is cheaper than in the big cities.
  • Don’t pay attention too much on kids on the streets, they could be annoying and persuade you to buy something. Just walk away and avoid any eye contact.
  • Be careful with the street vendors, make sure to ask the price first before getting one. Do not take anything you don’t want even they’re trying to stuff you with it.
  • Remember to keep official receipts for all your purchases with the store name, address, information of the item.. in case of showing them as you pass the Customs.

With some tips and suggestions of souvenirs to buy in Vietnam, we hope you can image of what to do next in your journey to Vietnam from Kolkata. Do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything that makes you confused.