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How to Travel in business class on a small budget


Traveling is fun and exciting, but it is not easy to keep up with this hobby. Many people would tell you that travel requires an arm and a leg but that should not put you off. Traveling has evolved greatly over the years. Times have changed. So have the ways. This is why now you can manage travel even if you have a small budget. Budget travelers often complain about having to compromise due to their limited source of funds. Which budget traveler wouldn’t want to fly in business class or stay in a fancy hotel? In this article, we tell you how you can purchase cheap business class tickets and travel in style on a small budget.

  1. Off Season Flying

This is the most obvious and most genuine tip to flying on a business class flight without going bankrupt. Off season flying does not only bring down the fares significantly but also impacts other costs related to travel. You are more likely to find a cheap deal during the low season. Plus the money you save on other travel related expenses can be put towards purchasing a business class flight. And if you are thinking, is it worth it? Our answer is yes!

  1. Join a loyalty program

Loyalty programs, also known as frequent flyer programs are a traveler’s biggest asset. The airline miles you earn or buy are your key to earning significant discounts on a business class flight. You may even accumulate miles over time to later redeem them for an upgrade to business class. Economy to business class upgrades are known to be cheaper than direct purchases. Loyalty programs vary from airline to airline. Make sure you join a good one after a thorough research.

  1. Try your last minute luck

Last minute business class ticket purchasing often works out in the travelers favor as the airline would rather have their business class seat sold as opposed to an economy class one. They slash the fares considerably as time nears the flight. In fact, another trick is to just buy an economy class flight and then ask at the counter how much an upgrade would cost. Normally, airlines are willing to provide cheap upgrades and you may just get lucky.

  1. Be on the lookout for deals

Make sure you are on the mailing list of all airlines and travel companies (including those operating online). This way you will get an alert whenever there is a new deal worth considering. Normally these deals don’t last for long, so acting fast is important.

  1. Go for a lesser known airline

A less popular airline is likely to offer lower priced business class flights as opposed to big names like Emirates or Singapore airlines. Lesser known airlines with a small clientele are looking to expand their customer base, so they are willing to offer cheap prices. Generally Business class is grand and fancy no matter which airline it is. Enjoy the privilege in whatever form you can manage.